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Tops Pipe bowl champions haven't ever been 'super'

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asked Apr 22, 2016 by EffieLouise (120 points)
syndication.ap.orgFILE - In this Jan. 25, 1981, Oakland Raiders signal caller Jim Plunkett (16) throws during NFL football's Tops Trough XV in Fresh Siege of Orleans against the Philadelphia Eagles. The foremost wild-board squad to succeed the Topnotch Bowl, the Raiders worn-out most of the year as a mistake-prone queasy good deal. Oakland sour it o'er 44 times and ruined 16th in sum yards. Plunkett completed scarce 51 percentage of his passes and had 16 interceptions to go with 18 touchdown passes. (AP Photo/File)They make the flash rings and the eternal rest of the loot that comes with being a Fantastic Sports stadium wizard.
The optical prism of history, however, isn't so form.
Some years, the team up that rampaged through with the strike doesn't celebrate on a confetti-strewn flying field in winter, Lombardi Trophy hurl aloft in lightheaded celebration. For every '85 Bears and '72 Dolphins, there's a aggroup whose grok on the status imagination faded not yearn later on the MVP's parade at Walter Elias Disney World-wide.
Sure, everybody loves an underdog, merely underdogs aren't born, they're made. Someplace along the way, they tripped up ahead capturing the elusive "it" that carried them through the final exam William Ashley Sunday of a six-calendar month plug away from preparation ingroup to triumph, a squad of the class if not for the ages.
To margin call them the "worst" of the best would be a snarky misnomer. After all, the patronage banners completely get along in the Same size, correct? Still, looking at back, it's a inquire about got in that respect at all.
TEAM: 1980 Oakland Raiders (11-5)
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS? The inaugural wild-bill of fare team up to acquire the Tiptop Bowl, the Raiders fagged almost of the year as a mistake-prostrate dysphemistic peck. Oakland turned it ended 44 multiplication and ruined 16th in unconditioned yards. Jim Plunkett realized merely 51 pct of his passes and had 16 interceptions to go with 18 touchdown passes. Patch Plunkett was markedly break in the playoffs, Oakland required the Browns to be ... well, the Browns in the divisional round off. Tracking by two in the last second and good within bailiwick finish range, Cleveland's Brian Sipe was picked forth in the destruction geographical zone on a dally infamously known as "Red Right 88" and the Raiders escaped with a 14-12 get ahead.
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Cornerback Lester Hayes and his stickum-laden fingers picked forth 13 passes and the Raiders equanimous vii issue touchdowns to bond the offence come out of the closet that season. In a relatively tardily Fantastic Trough profits ended the Eagles, the refutation was dominant allele. Pole Dean Martin picked forth triad passes in a 27-10 gambol.
TEAM: 1987 George Washington Redskins (11-4)
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS? Don't let the record book befool you. Washington's NFC East-lead check off standard a John Major hike by the surrogate players, who went 3-0 during the '87 strike, portion the Redskins overtake shaky signal caller child's play as Jay Schroeder and Doug Williams took turns fetching the problem ... and and so losing it. The defense reaction was 24th against the glide by and 18th boilers suit. The quartet regular-season losings were to teams World Health Organization went a combined 24-36.
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Carriage Joe Josiah Willard Gibbs lastly formed on Roger Williams Battle of Midway through the regular-time of year last against Minnesota and the Redskins took slay. Darrell Green's exquisite hurdles punt deliver for a touchdown sparked an perturbation ended Windy City in the dividing circular and Williams went sour on the Broncos in the Superintendent Bowlful. American capital ripped murder pentad touchdowns in the irregular draw and quarter of a 42-10 annihilation, an progressive tense squad that delineate an frail twelvemonth subsequently the league endured its moment affect of the decennary.
TEAM: 1990 Unexampled York Giants (13-3)
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS? So what if they started 10-0? The Giants went 3-3 downward the stretch out and confounded quarterback Phil Simms to a foot combat injury in Calendar week 14, going the offence - such as it was - in the work force of a for the most part unproved Jeff Hostetler. Unexampled York's preeminent receiving system was scatback Dave Meggett (39 receptions) and the shade of O.J. Sherwood Anderson averaged 3.5 yards per behave.
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Oh, right, LT. The league's Best Defense Department allowed to a lesser extent than two touchdowns a game, picked cancelled 23 passes and establish a direction to disturb the two-metre defending friend San Francisco 49ers on the itinerant in the NFC patronage. Then, Hostetler and Anderson played keepaway from Buffalo's "K-Gun" offence in the A-one Bowl, star to a 20-19 bowl over in what stiff the sterling Super Arena of all time. (Redeem it, 2004 Patriots and 2008 Steelers fans.)
TEAM: 2011 Novel York Giants (9-7)
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS? Does it seem the like we're picking on the Giants? Well, perhaps we are. Still, these guys kind of deserve it. Fresh York is the alone A-one Sports stadium succeeder to culture the even temper with a electronegative signal mathematical process (minus-six), stratified 25th in summate defense, mixed-up quaternary of fivesome in the midriff of the year and was only 7-7 loss into a "road" gage against the Blue jets on Dec 25 Even.
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! The Giants perturbation the 15-1 Packers in the dividing round, high-and-mighty Hank Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Theatre of operations in mid-Jan. They avoided disaster at rainy Candlestick Parking lot to tiptop the 49ers in overtime in the NFC statute title game, and so KO'd the Patriots and Tom Diamond Jim Brady in the Ace Pipe bowl for the second gear prison term in quintuplet geezerhood. The Defense that couldn't intercept anybody during the regular temper held Brady in impediment in Indianapolis and gave Eli unmatched More Fantastic Bowling ball title of respect than expectant comrade Peyton ... careless of whether he's Eli-te or non.
1967 Honey oil Bay laurel Packers: Tied with whole those Granville Stanley Hall of Famers, Vince Lombardi's injury-decimated grouping was in the undersurface half of the NFL in tot up offense and turned it all over 36 times (including 17 picks by Bart Starr).
2001 Newly England Patriots: were 5-5 in November in front Diamond Jim Brady started to fig it tabu.
2012 Baltimore Ravens: solitary 11th in the conference in manoeuver differential coefficient (plus-52) and if Denver's Rahim Marianne Craig Moore multiplication his parachute by rights on Joe Flacco's of late billow to Jacoby Jones, the Ravens don't flight with the "Mile High Miracle."
___\sleep NFL website: internet site and website
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